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I try to make a dependency between two hosts. For example between my ESXi-Host and a VM which one is running on the ESXi-Host.

This is how my dependency object looks like :

object Dependency “ESXi-VM” {
parent_host_name = “ESXi-1”

child_host_name = “VM-3”

sates = [ Up ]
disable_checks = true

it doesnt show any errors but do I need to write an “apply Dependency” because if I do it always shows problems. When I check the Icing documentation there are just apply Depenencies for Service-Service or Service-Host, so do I need it for Host-Host too? If yes how should it look like because this one :

apply Dependency “ESXi-VM” to Host {
parent_host_name = “ESXi-1”

disable_checks = true

assign where == “VSA-3”

And an additonal question if someone can answer it: is it possible to show which VMs are dependent on the ESXi-Host when I click on the ESXi-Host in Icinga?

Thank you in advance

Hello and welcome,

sadly there is now way to see if there is a dependancy in icingaweb2. Maybe that will change with the icingadb comming soon ™.
You can do host-host, host-service, service-service and service-host, all are independent.


Okay thank you for the answer. I will try if I find a work around.


@anon66228339 @PiMA
There is a dependency modul for icingaweb2:

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