Deleting hosts from Director - Bulk


I need to delete all hosts that were added using an AD Sync job but I can’t seem to find how to do it.

I can manually delete host by host but there are 200+ hosts to delete.

I wanted to bulk delete hosts based on some kind of filter (import source/group/etc).

I’m running Icinga2 version: 2.11.2-1 and Director 1.7.2

Thank you

Hi, I think the fastest way is through the database. Another possibility is you Change your Import/sync rule in that way that the director has to delete it. With the update policy “replace” and purge “yes” the director should delete them

Changing the Import Source to a non-existing filter and syncing with Purge did the the trick, thank you!

I tried using the Cube module but for some reason out of all the categories, only my Servers category was not able to be modified (errors out with “the connection to the icinga host has been lost at [time]”)

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