Deleting host data from director db

what we did: made a mysql dump of the director db on a working master (A), and imported the dumb on a new master (B). Master B didn’t had any director configuration prior to this. Both systems work with director v 1.7.2.

Why we did this: goal was to import template structures and director settings from system A to system B. Without importing the host objects.

Question: How can host specific data from the dump be deleted within the sql table, while keeping the referential integrity? Since deleting them in the web-frontend will keep their data within the sql table.

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I will move your post to the director category, because as far as I can tell this is a director issue and has nothing to do with the product “Icinga DB” :slight_smile:
Please correct me, if I am wrong :slight_smile:

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Working directly with databases is not a good idea unless you exactly know what you are doing. In your case it is not necessary anyway, since the basket feature is available for such an approach.