Delayed notification still sent even if an ACK has been set


In our company, we have Icinga2 that send us notification “in real time” when a problem occurs. But we also have a night operator which can call us if nobody saw the problem.

To do this, we have set a delay of 20 minutes that will send the notification to the night operator.

apply Notification "night-operator" to Service {
  assign where "night-operator" in service.vars.notifications
  command = "command_night"    
  interval = 0
  period = "night"
  times.begin = 20m

object TimePeriod "night" {
  import "legacy-timeperiod"

  display_name = "Non-working-hours"
  ranges = {
    "monday"    = "06:00-07:00,12:00-13:00,17:00-22:00"
    "tuesday"   = "06:00-07:00,12:00-13:00,17:00-22:00"
    "wednesday" = "06:00-07:00,12:00-13:00,17:00-22:00"
    "thursday"  = "06:00-07:00,12:00-13:00,17:00-22:00"
    "friday"    = "06:00-07:00,12:00-13:00,17:00-22:00"

In normal conditions, this works normally : if an issue appears, we ACK it before the 20m delay pass.

But sometimes, this delay pass and we ACK the issue after 20m. And when the timeperiod in which this user should be alerted arrives (for example 12:00), a notification is sent to the user. In this case, we already ACK the issue, so no notification should be sent.

Is there a way to “clear” the notification pipeline of this issue when the issue is ACK even for delayed notifications ?

Info about the system :

  • Version used (icinga2 --version) : r2.12.4-1
  • Operating System and version : Ubuntu 18.04
  • Enabled features (icinga2 feature list) : api checker command ido-mysql influxdb mainlog notification

Thank you and have a nice day !