Delay Notifications for Unknown state

I want to delay UNKNOWN messages, so that the users only get a notification if the problem persists.
According to the documentation it is not possible to configure the delay on a user object.
The only option I have found so far is setting the begin parameter on a notification object.

I would like to avoid duplicating existing notification rules to active the goal. Is something like this possibel:

apply Notification "mail" to Service {
  import "mail"
  user_groups = [ "mail-default" ]
  if (state == unknown)
    times.begin = 2h

Hello @nexo1960!

Is max_check_attempts not effective enough for this?


Hello @Al2Klimov,
sadly no, i only want to delay the unknowns not my regular notifaction.

Kind Regards

Then I unfortunately don’t see any alternatives to duplication.

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