Dashlet rearrange


I’ve added monitoring/tactical dashlet to the dashboard. It shows at the bottom. Can I rearrange the dashlet to appear at top of the web?

Using icingaweb version 2.6.1

Thanks in advance.

Yes, but you have to remove the other dashlets first, so the tactical dashlet moves “up”, then re-add them again. The link to the dashlet settings is https://your.host/icingaweb2/dashboard/settings

In the past there was a problem that the re-added dashlets for service problems, host problems and recently recovered services will remain “on top” if you re-add them with the same name as before. I’m not sure if this has been fixed.

Since the dashboard.ini is stored for the current user atm (might be moved into the database at some point), you can also edit this by hand and ensure a certain order.

I’m doing this inside the Vagrant boxes to provision the map module from @nicolaiB with certain default views. Note: There’s concat into play here, so the final dashboard.ini is merged from different datasources in Puppet.


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This way is much easier, thanks for refreshing my mind :smiley:

Just what I needed.

Thank you!!

It’s still a problem, so much so that it seems like it’s by design :confused: