Dashing Question

I am new to Icinga and I am loving the setup and the dashing dashboard. I just have 2 questions is it possible to have in the host box the number of total host that are up and the number that goes down?

Also how hard is it to add other boxes to be able to break up some host by there groups?

Which version of dashing-icinga2 are you using? Can you share a screenshot of the “host box” you are referring to?

Depends on existing widgets and your knowledge with Ruby, HTML, JS. The development docs provide a gentle insight how things work.

Imho such a thing can be done with using a custom filter when calling getHostObjects() and use that in the job as data provider / event sender towards the widget list in the dashboard html.


here is the pic of the host box in dashing host

Also when I am hovering over the boxes like the host and services or any of them
they show different information

this is what I want to add to the box
in the pic the counts at the bottom I would like to add that to the box

is this possible and if so could you explain how I can do this

You need to modify the legend renderer for chartjs which doesn’t allow counts by default. I couldn’t make it work since my JS knowledge with Coffeescript is limited in this regard.