Dashboard synchronisation


I’m using icinga / icingaweb with 2 masters.

When some users add some dashbord on interface, they are created on:


but these dashboard are not synchronised on master02.

Is there any mean to synchronise them automatically on master02 on icingaweb configuration?
(otherwise I can copy them but if there is a prettier mean to do that?)

Thanks for ideas



we copy the dashboard via scp and a cronjob to the second master

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You may want to look into lsyncd as well which can sync directories when changes are made.

Thanks for your answers, I will try your solutions.
Should be a feature could be directly implemented on icinga / icingaweb?


There is an open issue to store the dashboards in the database: Enhanced Dashboards · Issue #3809 · Icinga/icingaweb2 · GitHub

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