Customising navigation column under IcingaWeb2

I have built a CGI script to provide customer with an Excel-compatible file to his own specifications of all hosts currently active. Now how can I make this dynamic generation of the CSV output available via the normal IcingaWeb2 GUI? (I know my way around CGI, but how can I, say, add a link to my CGI script - in essence just a “localhost” URL - underneath, say, the “Reporting” sub-menu of the navigation column?)

P.S.: I searched for quite a while within the IcingaWeb2 documentation under but couldn’t find anything… Also manually (click, look, repeat) in the built-in documentation for IcingaWeb2 in the GUI. Same luck.


that is subject to change with the database config backend planned for 2.8.

There’s the menu.ini file for each user which can be modified in /etc/icingaweb2/preferences/icingaadmin/menu.ini. I’m doing that inside the Vagrant boxes for instance for adding the Grafana menu item.

Hence the developers told me that there might be breaking changes, that is why it is not documented at the moment. Also I am not sure how that works in a global fashion. Another idea would be to write a custom Icinga Web module which takes care of the integration, including the menu items and iframing.