Custom variable names in icingaweb2

Hi, I recently updated to the latest Icinga and Icingaweb2 and I noticed (not a big deal) that the custom variables show as they are instead with capital letters like used to be before.
In the screenshot is the new Icinga. Before, the older Icinga used to change the display name of a variable from disk_critical to Disk Critical. Is there a way of changing the new Icingaweb to display custom variables with custom names?

I am on IcingaWeb2 2.10.1 and my varnames are fine, on which version are you?
Do you use Icinga Director?

The changing of the names was a feature which got changed from feedback multiple times as most likely one group needs unchanged values for debugging and the other one wants nice looking ones.

Because of case sensitivity and values allowing almost all characters I would count me to the first group, especially if using file-based configuration in one environment.

But I am also waiting for / to get nicer ones with the Director.

I am on latest icingaweb2 and icinga2. I have director installed but I use only the Inspect feature of it, so I can check the check command in the web gui. Everything is configured automatically with puppet.

Interesting. I though about this but I just wanted to check if is true. Not a massive problem for me.

Hi Dirk, I don’t know how icingaweb2 display will help you debug. I have the same setup, only configuration files in backend, but the attribues are as they should be. I always debug from backend. The only difference is that the display name of the attributes was altered before in the GUI to look nicer.