Confused how to setup director in gui

  • Director version (System - About): 2.10.0
  • Operating System and version: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Webserver, PHP versions: php 7.3

I just installed director and I’m at the process where I need to choose a DB Resource and run the kickstart wizard but I can’t find any guides online as to what I’m supposed to be doing here to make this thing work. I don’t really want to enter information blindly if I’m not sure what I’m doing here…

Essentially your guides could be improved upon for the newbies.
Screenshot of where I’m stuck at: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Tried to enter in the information I thought I should be entering but I just get this error.

  • CURL ERROR: Failed to connect to port 5665: Connection refused (RestApiClient.php:143)


curl -k -s -u root:icinga ‘

returns an empty response

read that for db resource: Automation - Icinga Director
read that for api user: icingaweb2-module-director/ at master · Icinga/icingaweb2-module-director · GitHub