(Matthias Fleschütz) #1

Hi there,
I know…maybe a bad question, but:
as is hosted by Netways and although it is run not by Netways as a company I am wondering a bit about the doubling here. is mostly about Icinga (also about OMD, …, I know).
As a user I was quite happy to have mostly ONE site to use…
Why this now?


(Michael Friedrich) #2

Hi, is a private project of mine, thankfully hosted by my employer. I do own the domains and necessary DNS records as can be seen in the impressum. I’m planning to reduce the amount of spare time after ten years of community support. Private life matters, and sometimes this needs a “hard” change. I don’t want to shutdown MP immediately but keep it alive for other topics than Icinga.

In addition to that, the intent of the Icinga project is to provide an official Icinga community platform where Icinga users can share their experience, discuss problems, get better insights into current development roadmaps, etc. Typically each software vendor has their own platform nowadays, check back with Elastic, Docker, Graylog, Grafana, etc.

I’m happy to share my expertise on Icinga on this platform in the future. This includes several howtos, feedback rounds, and ideas taken from the development process discussed with you, the Icinga community. You can see that already with howtos and topics exclusively created in here.


(Matthias Fleschütz) #3

Hi Michael
Thanks for that open comment. I really see your point. Wouldnt it be possible to consolidate all icinga Content from MP to Icinga Community?

Best and Thanks a lot for all your effort to MP

(Michael Friedrich) #4


being honest solves us many headaches and prevents bad thoughts, so I appreciate the questions and am doing my best to clear things up.

When you navigate into the categories, you can see many topics created by my fellow colleagues. In CW02, we’ve worked an entire week to extract the best and most valued content and moved it over here. Nevertheless, this doesn’t include everything - still, my research on MP has shown that many questions target a specific domain or problem, and some don’t provide solutions at all.

In terms of user related data, this also is a sensitive topic with the GDPR/DSGVO. Without consent, it is better to leave accounts there, to avoid complications and legal threats. MP also has the problem that not every user agreed to the ToS, this was added later on. Therefore just touching the sensitive topics and adding them here sounds like a better and safe solution.

As said, this doesn’t stop us from creating new content and be open for specific questions. You just need to ask them again in case.
Once there’s something where additional attention is needed, it is easier to get the developers on-board. I know there are some topics which remain unanswered all the time, and for these I am planning to add topics in the coming weeks and months. Also, I am looking forward to Icinga Camp Berlin to discuss more ideas and feedback from community members :slight_smile:

Set aside, we also have the icinga mailing lists which will be made read-only after a while, and we’re inviting users to Discourse as well. Discourse also supports mail replies and mailing list mode, which is why it sounds like the perfect solution for everyone :wink:


(Dave Kempe) #5

Thanks Michael for all your hard work.
As a partner, I’m going to keep an eye on this forum, and offer assistance where I can. While we offer commercial support for Icinga, we are happy to donate our time to the cause where we can, and where it makes sense. This location feels like a more natural and ‘official’ location for Icinga specific support.

(Michael Friedrich) #6

Thanks Dave, that’s also something I have considered a while ago, but certainly impossible with MP.

A platform where also partners feel welcomed and can learn and share their experience and expertise. This isn’t something that this site should become a marketing place for enterprise commercial offers. Instead, I’d like to see that partners, contributors and users earn their trust together. And when it comes to the point that you really need a remote look, or a day of consulting, that’s just fine. But it will never be the case that a question gets a link to buy commercial support as answer, that’s not the Icinga spirit.


(Dave Kempe) #7

Agree entirely Michael. I also don’t want you to shoulder the burden of replying to every single post! If not thing else it looks like there is only 1 person helping! Happy to help where I can.

(Michael Friedrich) #8

That’s the spirit :slight_smile:

(Roland) #9

(When) Will MP come back online?

(Michael Friedrich) #10

I’ll post updates on this on my private Twitter account. Currently I’m having troubles with upgrading Docker sourcing from CVE-2019-5736.