Checking up-state of LDAP-protected domains

Good morning everybody,

I need your help in finding a fitting approach for checking the up-state of several web-adresses behind LDAP-authentication.

Up until now (before LDAP was set up for the websites in question) I used the simple check_http plugin for this use case, but now I am getting warning-states because the websites are returning 401 Unauthorized answers.

Is there a good plugin to fit my use case? My first quick searches couldn’t find any and I am not an LDAP specialist myself, so maybe somebody else could point me to the right direction.

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Do you want to get the passwords from LDAP or just check the websites with a user/pass ?



I’d like to check the websites with a valid user/pass combination.


Check_http has a lot of options, so take a look at the documetation .

Specifically, you could use something like:

-a, --authorization=AUTH_PAIR
   Username:password on sites with basic authentication

which in ITL translates to:

               "-a" = {
                        value = "$http_auth_pair$"
                        description = "Username:password on sites with basic authentication"

That should get you started


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Thank you very much for this hint, I will do some research and come back to this thread.

Thank you very much @gkoutsog, it did the trick.

I could continue using check_http passing the following parameters, in case anybody wants to reproduce this:

./check_http -H hostname -I -S -u '/url' -a 'username:password'

Notice that it is just the hostname, not the actual FQDN which needs to be passed (it can of course be omitted as well).

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