Check_snmp and double quotes


I want to read the climate temperature and set thresholds.
Unfortunately, the OID contains a value with “”.

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.19581. = STRING: "28,5"

Can I read the value with CHECK_SNMP without “”?
Or do I have to write script?



I think you will have to find another OID or to create your own script.
I had a problem with this plugin recently. In my case I had to scale the plugin output by a factor of 0.1.
For this purpose I have written a wrapper script to do the scaling.
With your request in mind I tried to implement something to strip the " character from the output.
In my test scenario the plugin did not respond with performancedata. This data is needed by my wrapper script to modify the output of the plugin. I think that this behaviour has something to do with the oid value stored as a string.
Another problem would be the ", " in your data. I think it would be necessary to translate this in a “.” for correct performancedata processing.

You might check to see if the centreon plugin has what you need; it has a ton of checks that are valuable from an snmp point of view.