Check_nwc is triggering high CPU_Load alerts eventhough the value is under thresholds


I am using check_nwc for monitoring the CPU_Load of cisco network devices. The thresholds are set like Warning- 80% & Critical- 90%. But critical alerts are getting triggered even if the value is above 40%. Is there any solution for this?

Screenshot 2021-08-30 141530

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on the service, select the inspect link and see if the command being executed is the command (and arguments) you would expect.

I think inspect is only available if Icinga Director is enabled; if it’s not, you will need to look at the logs on the machine that executes the check (the master if you only have a single Icinga2 node).

Often times, a template or something steps over your changes, or the changes aren’t applied like you think they are.