Change user pager number

Hi there,

We defined a 24x7-user in icinga director with a pager number to receive SMS if critical errors occur.
We rotate our 24-hour standby personel every week. So we need to change the SMS-receiving number every week.
Without director, we used an api-POST-Call to icinga2 to change the pager number of this user automatically (https://icinga:5665/v1/objects/users…)
Now, with director, I thought I have to do that with an api POST-Call to the director:
After that change, I start an api-Call to deploy the new configuration.
When I use icinga2 object list --type user, the new pager number is shown in the user object.
But when I send an SMS via icinga, the old number is used. Also, when I look at icingaweb2, the user still has the wrong number shown.
What goes wrong here?
Do I have to change the pager number via api call on port 5665 like I did before I used the director?

Thanks for your help

Yes indeed, use the API like before…

You can compare Director with the config you had with the files, so the API calls over-rule them.

Hey @Hipska ,

thank you, worked like a charm.