Change notification Downtime



Hello guys,

Let me explain my issue:

So I have a host that is UP and running fine.
Suddenly, it goes down at 10:55:00 (example)
After that, the soft check goes 1/3…2/3…3/3 (1 minute delay during each soft check)
When it pings 3 times, the host is definitely down at 10:58:00.

When I receive the notification via e-mail, I’ll get the following:

Dummy is DOWN!

Info: PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 100%

When: 2019-02-11 10:58:00 -0200
Host: Dummy

The “When” statement says : 10:58:00, but the host has been down since 10:55 (the first soft check). I know I can simply subtract three minutes on .sh, but what if different hosts have different soft checks delay? How can I change that time?


(Michael Friedrich) #2


that timestamp refers to the last HARD state being a problem. The default notification scripts take that as longdatetime parameter.

passing it along from the NotificationCommand object

setting a default to the $icinga.long_date_time$ runtime macro.

You could also use host.last_state_change but that returns a unix timestamp. Either you’ll format that inside the notification script, or with something like that in your Notification apply rule.

  vars.notification_date = {{ DateTime(macro("$host.last_state_change$")).to_string() }}



Thanks Michael, it worked indeed!!! Anyway I can ignore the CRITICAL state check? I mean, if the ping fails the state goes directly to DOWN.

(Michael Friedrich) #4


the ping check only knows about the states OK(0), Warning(1), Critical(2), Unknown(3) coming from the plugin itself.

For host states, this is mapped inside the core into UP and DOWN:

You can just “ignore” the plugin’s output here, and only focus on seeing the DOWN string in the mail’s subject.