Cant see deployments in Icingaweb2


I try to setup a monitoring cluster with icinga and i think i have an issue in understanding how the connection between my master and icingaweb is handled.

I use:

Icingaweb2 + Director
Master1 + Master 2
Satellite 1 + Satellite 2

In icingaweb the active Endpoint shows my icingaweb server, not like want one of my masters.

Does anyone know how icingaweb makes the decision what active endpoint its using?

I got a workaround with disable icinga2 on the web host, then it took the master as endpoint and i was able to see my deployments in the webinterface. but this caused another issue (authtentication not possible in web)

I cant find any documentation about how Icingaweb decides what endpoint to take or how to change it.

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Afaik Icinga Web 2 takes the “active endpoint” information from the IDO DB.
So if your local icinga2 instance on the web server (this should only be an agent setup) writes to the same database as your two master severs then I suspect there will be a conflict.

Your setup isn’t quite clear from the information given, so here goes some guessing:
It sounds like you have an unnecessary master installation on your webserver host as well. If you want to separate the webserver to another VM that has icinga2 core installed be sure it is setup as an agent without any IDO features enabled.