Cannot inherit transition types from user templates

I’ve got the following question regarding user management in icinga director.
When i create a user from a user template, i don’t get the option to inherit the transition types from the template, is this intended behavior or am i missing something?

My Template

adding a new user

Thank you in advance.

This is only a problem of the UI elements for array. The setting is inherited, you can verify this in the preview and by clicking on resolved.

Keep also in mind that it will be overwritten if you change a value. So if you want an additional state for example you have to select all the default ones plus the additional one.

Thank you, the resolved config entry below confirms this.

object User "myuser" {
    display_name = "my user"
    email = "my.user@my.domain"
    enable_notifications = true
    types = [
    groups = [ "All Notifikations" ]

Follow up question: How does the interaction between the transition types defined here and the ones defined in the notification apply rule work?

Is there a heirachy or do i need to specify it in both?
For better understanding, which notifications would be send in the following example, everything or just the 2 matching?

  • User transition states:

    • Acknowledgement,
    • Custom,
    • DowntimeStart,
  • ApplyRule transiton states:

    • Custom,
    • DowntimeStart,
    • Problem,

Thank you in advance.

I typically explain it in this order: A service or host needs a state change, the notification object creates a notification and a user filters which ones he want.

So in your case the user would only get Custom and DowntimeStart because the notification object will only create notifications for Problem which the user does not want and the user wants Acknowledgement which is not created by the notification.

So my default is Custom, Problem, Recovery and in many environments Acknowledgement with all states matching the object type. The user will then get mails if a problem occurs, if it solved and with acknowledgements already if someone is working on a problem. Furthermore the webinterface can be used to send notifications without forcing them which would overwrite all other filters, too, like timeperiods.

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Thank you, that was exactly what i wanted to know.