Can we add the count for the checks in warning next to problems?

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to have the warning count next to the critical count in the navigation panel, like in this picture:

The checks in warning state are as much important to us as the critical, meaning that we have to page our analyst for both status.

We are using these packages:

root@monitor-hpcs3:/etc/icingaweb2/dashboards/operator# dpkg -l | grep icinga
ii  icinga2                                     2.11.2-1.bionic
ii  icinga2-bin                                 2.11.2-1.bionic
ii  icinga2-common                              2.11.2-1.bionic
ii  icinga2-doc                                 2.11.2-1.bionic
ii  icinga2-ido-mysql                           2.11.2-1.bionic
ii  icingacli                                   2.7.3-1.bionic
ii  icingaweb2                                  2.7.3-1.bionic
ii  icingaweb2-common                           2.7.3-1.bionic
ii  icingaweb2-module-doc                       2.7.3-1.bionic
ii  icingaweb2-module-monitoring                2.7.3-1.bionic

I would like to have 2 boxes : the actual red box with the critical count AND a yellow box with the warning count

I have seen people change the “counter”, but it has to be done in the code and by doing so it is not update safe.

Having two counter would probably also mess around with the UI and you would also need to implement it for the main menu entry, too.

I created a feature request to allow custom navigation entries long ago which could perhaps be usefully also for your use case.

We actually can see all the counts at the bottom right of the window:

This is what I would think to have, but without the “light color box” (handled checks).