Can we add an action in the "Check Execution" section of a service check?

Hi again,
Some of our NRPE plugins uses a “snapshot” saved in /var/lib/nagios on the client servers.
This is used in a custom check_filesystems check. In this check, we compare what is actually mounted with a snapshot, in order to know if we are missing or have new filesystems on the server.
We use the argument “-s” to specify that we want to save a new snapshot file for future comparison.

We used to have Nagios and we implemented an ICON next to the check so that we can send a request to create a snapshot from the GUI.

Question: I would like to do the same with Icingaweb2 but I haven’t found how to do it.
I would like to add an action button or a link in the “Check Execution” to perform this.

Is it possible ?
Icinga2 version is 2.11.2-1.bionic
icingaweb2 version is 2.7.3-1.bionic


you’re probably looking for the action_url attribute of a host or service. You can also define such an action url directly in Icinga Web 2 in your account’s navigation settings. There you can also define an icon and a proper label.

Hi Johannes, that has pointed me in the right direction. It created a generic button with “Action 1” inside. I will play around this to make is better.
Thanks for your support !