Business Process Module - Reporting & Trends?

It would be great if we could report on the availability or performance of a business process.

Business process 1 has been available for 99.999% over the past month, year, 5 years etc… or it has been available but degraded 8% of the time over the same time periods.

Is this something that the module could possibly do or are we talking about a complete re-write or not even possible to do?

It would be valuable to businesses to know these things for the overall business process and its performance and availability.

there is some way to do it with the early version of the reporting.

If you check the businessprocess as a host or service check in icinga you can get the reporting to report for it.

This requires historical data which the business process module has no notion of. Adding this just for this purpose seems unreasonable to me. Especially since what Kevin said is absolutely a fine alternative. :+1:

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I added the report module and ido report module and all the requirements.

How can I check the business process as a host or service and report on it?

there is an integrated check command in icinga2 called icingacli-businessprocess you can pass it the businessprocess name and it will tell you the status.

I didn’t know about this. Thanks!

When creating a service check for the business process, I created a template for the check command and included the fields I needed to target the business process name.

When I actually create a service check from that template it requires a host to tie it to… there are no listings for the business process in the drop-down (using director).

What am I missing here?

I tend to create a dummy host for each business process that has a attribute with the name of the process and uses the businessprocess check as the host check. this makes it rather easy to do this.

How do you do the dummy host exactly?

Director requires hostname and I think host address as well.

How do you tie the host to the business process? You mentioned an attribute, can you explain this in more detail?

let’s say I have a host like this:

object Host "<businessprocess name>" {
    import "business_template"

    display_name = "<businessprocess name>"
    address = ""
    vars.businessprocess = "<businessprocess name>"

The business_template has the check_command in it with a reference to the vars.businessprocess

With this you will be able to always check your business process.
Important sidenote: Those checks need to always run on the icinga2 master.