Blacklist a service on a group of hosts

Hi there,

What is the better way to blacklist(disable) a service on a group of hosts via Director?

Assume that I have the following setup:
‘generic_host_template’ has ‘service_a’, ‘service_b’, ‘service_c’ services added.
‘hosts_template_a’, ‘hosts_template_b’, ‘hosts_template_c’ import ‘generic_host_template’ and have their specific services.
hosts import corresponding ‘hosts_template_X’

So, for example I need to disable ‘service_a’ on all hosts that import ‘hosts_template_c’
Tried to blacklist the service on child host template level, but it doesn’t help. Hosts still show it active and inherited from ‘generic_host_template’.

My environment:

  • Director: 1.6.0
  • Icinga Web 2: 2.6.2
  • Icinga 2: 2.10.2-1

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t used such blacklisting yet, but we’re talking about service sets here, right? Those allow to use assign where expressions logically bound together. I would add one which says assign where "hosts_template_c" not in host.templates or similar. Not sure if that works though, or if this feature is supported.


I’ve seen that there’s something with blacklists fixed for 1.6.1, so you might do an update and try again :slight_smile:


Thanks Michael!
New version fixes exactly what concerned me.

The only question left is shouldn’t backlisting operations appear under Activity Log as well as others changes via Director?
They are not present there and the only way to apply is to go through ‘No pending changes. Deploy anyway.’

Puh, I‘m not sure what‘s the intended way here. Maybe @tgelf can shed some light here :slight_smile: