AWS automation

I am receiving the following error after configuring the import source based on the official documentation.

This Import Source failed when last checked at 2020-04-14 15:31:56: AWS SDK not found (Class \Aws\Sdk not found)

I’ve unzipped the sdk zip file ( into /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/aws/library/vendor/aws but this does not solve the issue.

Anyone run into this issue aswell?


i don’t use the module but in the installation instructions it says to use the “latest v3” version. Maybe it’s worth a try - download the latest v3 version from here 3.134.6.


Hi Alex,

Ah yeah, could be. I was following which states to use v2 instead of v3 due to php version requirements.

It looks like it does more than it did with the v2 version, thanks!

I hereby confirm this is the case

The correct docs are built now, sorry for the hassle!

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