Automating Icingaweb2 installation

i would like to get some help with something…
after installing icniga2 and generating the setup token, is there a way to automate the icicngaweb2 configuration part(choosing modules,checking requirements…).?
i followed this link Advanced Topics - Icinga Web 2, but that didnt seem to do anything, especially this command
icingacli setup config directory which after executing it, the directory didnt seem to change.

Check out ansible. At least for the infra side of things for icinga

Hello, MonyGM.
Thank you for your reply, but we figured it out.
For anyone interested:
We already had an Icinga2 server up (icinga2+Icingaweb2, all done manually), so with Ansible we imported the MySQL database and both folders /etc/ Icinga2 and /etc/icingaweb2 as Post-install tasks and all set.
This solution was initiated by Yassine Nouri .
Happy automation!