Automate Service Level Monitoring

For Service level Monitoring… We are making the below changes

change1: Add the service record on services.conf

apply Service “DriverProComm” {
check_command = “service-windows”
vars.service_win_service = “DriverProComm” //access the host custom vars

command_endpoint = host.vars.client_endpoint

assign where host.vars.comm == “DriverProComm” && host.vars.client_endpoint

change2: Adding the custom attribute in the hostfile.

In our env recently Icinga2 went to prod… We have around 200 servers… We have did the automated deployment of icinga2 agent… we have powershell module Deploy the icinga2 agent & did remote jenkins call that adds the hostfile on icinga2 master based on template…

Here in 200 servers we have around more than 1000 services that needs to monitor… Can you please advise the automated way of adding the serice record & adding the custom attibute on for service monitoring… This is important for us… Can you help on this?


Can anybody help on this?