Applying created group to a shared navigation menu

Could someone please provide some advice ?

Basically we have created a shared navigation called “Mute - Node” and we are trying to assign a group of users to this shared navigation so they can see it and we can just add users to this group as we go along.

To create this group of users we have gone to Authentication > Roles > Create a new role > Role is made called “CMS-US”

Created a “User Group” using the user group backend “icingaweb2” and called that “CMS-US” also

now when we go to the shared navigation “Mute - Node” and we add the group “CMS-US” we assumed that every user in that group would be able to see the navigation on the left hand side but this is not the case.

Can someone please help ? I might be setting this up completely wrong, if anyone has any insight to this or a link that could give some more insight on how to get this up and running, that would be really appreciated.

Thank you!