Apply multiple to default thresholds for services such as procs

I would like to apply a multiple to the thresholds for service procs if a Host belongs to Hostgroup "big". I’ve tried the following code, however this will set vars.procs_warning to 0 instead of 500 (i.e. twice the default value) as I had initially expected.

Is vars.procs_warning not yet set to the default when this code is run? (Is it perhaps only implemented at the level of the underlying script, and Icinga 2 does not know about it at all?) Or can I refer to the default value by some other means (except its literal value)?

apply Service "procs" {{
          # ...
          check_command = "procs"
          if ("big" in host.groups) {{
            vars.procs_warning = 2 * vars.procs.warning

What is the content of vars.procs.warning?
Is vars.procs really a dict with a key “warning”?
Or is this (. instead of _) a typo?

you could also do it in the command definition. The only place you can use the DSL in the director. So if the director enforces best practices, it would be the right place :wink: