Apply for with replace

I’ve configured some services using Apply For but the array contains spaces (as these are the only valid separation signs). As a result the services objects are created with space(s) in its name (which I don’t like). Is there any chance to avoid this? E.g. adding replace() to the definition or any other trick?

Do you have an example? We use it with the director. If you like I could compare how the director render this in our environment

I could provide an example, sure. But this is always confusing as I use the director and conf files mixed (which is highly discouraged). Means host are managed via director, service via conf files.

I need an example, I have a hard time imaging what you’re trying to achieve.

apply Service "application_pool_" for (pool in host.vars.application_customer_pools) {
   display_name = "application Pool " + pool
   check_command = "by_ssh"

   vars.application_pool_temp = pool.split(" ")
   vars.application_pool_name = vars.application_pool_temp[0]
   vars.application_customer =  vars.application_pool_temp[1]
   vars.by_ssh_command = "/opt/application/"
   vars.by_ssh_arguments = {
      "-n" = "$application_pool_name$"
      "-c" = 10
      "-w" = 15
      "-t" = "$application_customer$"

host.vars.application_customer_pools is an array, containing:

[ “Customer1 PoolA”, “Customer1 PoolB”, “Customer2 PoolA” ]

Ok, some things to note:

  • The split() array does not have any out-of-bounds-checks
  • The temporary variable should only exist in the local scope, but not exported to other interfaces.
  var application_pool_temp = pool.split(" ")

  if (len(application_pool_temp) == 2) {
    vars.application_pool_name = application_pool_temp[0]
    vars.application_pool_name = application_pool_temp[1]
  • display_name can be modified with pool.replace(" ", “-”) or similar
  display_name = "application Pool " + pool.replace(" ", "-")