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i currently found a thing what i do not understand.

I applying Hostgroups to Hosts via “Assigne where”-rules.

In the overview of the host this groups are shown as expected. But this Applied groups wouldn’t be transfert to icinga.
In icinga i have only the inherited groups. Not the applied groups.

Do i understand anything wrong?

Please shown an example with config snippets and/or screenshots.
Screenshot from one of my hosts:

usv group inherited from template
xxx-DE group assigned via apply rule based on the ip address.

Hello log1c,

yes, looks same as in my environment:

Unfortunately that’s not that what i can see in icingaweb:

edit: language

Can you extract the rendered configuration for these HostGroup objects?


You mean like this?
object HostGroup “at” {
display_name = “Österreich”
assign where == “at” || host.templates == “gum-host-template”

Yep. It is easier to spot possible errors in the DSL (at least for me).

host.templates == “gum-host-template”

will never match. You need to use the in operator because host.templates is an array.

So that it looks like this:

“gum-host-template” in host.templates

Inside the Director, this is hidden within the contains operator AFAIK.


And that’s why i love icinga!

Every time when i think “wow, that seems to be a bug” anyone comes around the corner and explains what i have done wrong.

Thank you fpor you help!

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