Alert forwarding from third-party systems

Hello folks:

We just installed Icinga2 in our lab for a proof of concept on top of Ubuntu 20.04. We have a couple of questions about the alert management on Icinga2:

  • What is the best way to push Icinga alerts that are originated from other systems. Is there an API for alarm integration with third party systems? Do we have to send these alarms from third party monitoring systems in syslog, SNMP or some other format?
  • What actions can be taken with that alarm once it is on the Icinga2 system? For example, is there a mechanism to run it thru a chain of predefined actions such notifications or scripted actions? Can someone point me to the right direction please.



Hi & welcome,

Handover external check results can be done via icinga’s Rest API using process-check-result.

You can define notifications and/or trigger events. Defining multiple notifications can be used e.g. to define escalation chains.

thanks rsx.

So as long as I include the exit_status and performance data in my POST, I should expect an alert on Icinga?

But how is this alarm mapped to a specific host or service on Icinga?

Yes, your external logic decides whether is Ok, WARNING etc. with your exit_status.

You need to create host with passive check(s) and send check results to them.

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But how is this alarm mapped to a specific host or service on Icinga?

Also the hosts and/or servcies can be dynamicaly crated with the API – that is what we did.