Agent is showing up but all services stuck in pending except for 'ssh'

All my hosts are linux machines. The newly added agent shows up on my icingaweb interface and it shows its up as well. The ssh service is also ‘ok’ but all other services are stuck in pending state. If i click the check now button I don’t think anyting happens because normally there is a timer there that tells you when the last check was executed . That timer is not showing up. Also the “Check Source” shows green and is reachable but normally the agent nodes name is supposed to be here but it is not. I think this is an issue with the api. The reason I saw this is ‘lsof -i -n -P |grep 5665’ on the agent does not that it has established connection with the master machine. The api.conf ‘accept_configs’ and ‘accept_commands’ are both set to true. ‘icinga2 daemon -C’ does not display any errors on either machine. The features enabled on the agent are ‘checker mainlog and api checker’. The master features are ‘api checker command ido-pgsql influxdb mainlog notification’

Message from the master log that might be of help. "[2021-05-04 14:40:52 -0400] information/ExternalCommandListener: Executing external command: [1620153652] SCHED

Also from the clients log i see this ‘information/ApiListener: Started new listener on ‘[]:5665’’. That doesn’t seem right to me. Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.