Acknowledgement - Author glitch?

Hi everyone,

An acknowledged problem is not showing the author of the acknowledgement. If I look into the History tab, it states the right author just fine but not in the Service tab. It’s just blank so it prevents our query to pick it up. See attachment.

Is this a glitch of some sort?

Thank you!

I have seen this at one customer in the past, but was not able to find a reason for it or a way to reproduce, so I think there is no issue for this already.

So we can call this a glitch I guess?

Thank you for your response!

Hello @GenBuri

It does look like a bug, yes.
Feel free to open an issue over at GitHub!

Have a nice day,

@theFeu ok thanks I just did. Hopefully I did it right!! haha

Looks good to me!
Thank you for helping out :slight_smile:

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