Our University requires all web applications to follow WCAG accessbility guidelines. We’re trying to find a monitoring tool that we can use. You have an accessbility page claiming that Icinga is accessible. However our major use is to collect and display historical performance data. That requires plugins, and as far as I can tell none of them attempt to be accessible. Do you know of any way to display historical performance data that is accessible?

I understand that a graph is going to be by definition not accessible for screen readers. However one could display the data as a table. Even the common display of current, average and max might be useable if it’s displayed as text and not part of the image.

Maybe you get more answers if you provide a link to these guidelines. Most of us does not know them.

As for historical perfdata, you can use Grafana for graphite/influxdb timeseries databases to display them.
If you dont set a retention policy in influxdb for example, no data will be deleted. Perfdata will be written until your disk is full :slight_smile:


that’s a valid term with embedding graphs from external sources. I’m afraid there is no such option with e.g. rendering as a table from the web modules for e.g. graphite and Grafana.

I like the idea, maybe you can create feature requests over at GitHub? In terms of Grafana itself, you can create dashboard panels as tables. But I don’t think that these are applicable for screen readers.

@elippmann is that something we could elaborate on with Feu, also in terms of sponsoring?