Service Monitoring

SSH agent as check transport (2)

Introduction With the help of the check_by_ssh plugin it is possible to execute remote check plugins and retrieve their exit status and output. This method comes in handy on systems where the Icinga agent cannot be insta…

SNMP Monitoring (2)

Introduction Monitor servers and hardware with SNMP. There are two ways: Querying the SNMP agent on the host Receiving SNMP traps Resources Icinga Exchange Github Recommendations check_snmp Generic plugin from the …

VMware Monitoring (2)

check_vmware_esx Download and installation instructions on Github. The Icinga Template Library (ITL) also provides CheckCommand definitions for this plugin.

Windows Monitoring (2)

General First off, decide on the transport. Install an agent where the Icinga node talks to Query the services remotely If your master/satellite instance cannot connect to the agent, you need to ensure that the agent …

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