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Notifications and Email Digest If you haven’t been here for a while, Discourse sends you an activity summary by default. You can control this and additional notifications in your user profile settings in the Emails tab. …

Registration and login (3)

There are different types of login into Discourse. You can create a local account with your email address. Requires email validation. use your GitHub profile and create/login with oauth use your Twitter profile and cre…

Packages and Supported Platforms (2)

Supported Platforms Please check this overview table for a list of officially supported operating systems. We provide test and release packages for these distributions on Issues and Questions …

Security Issues (2)

In case you’ve found a security problem in one of our products or the hosted infrastructure, please kindly inform us in private. All details and our GPG key can be found here. Thanks in advance :heart:

Mark a topic as solved (2)

If your topic was answered with a helpful solution, make it visible for others and mark it as solved. Each reply has this icon (see below) and rewards the author with a badge. Do not edit the topic title no more, and hav…

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Edit and write topics Discourse uses Markdown as markup language. If you are familiar with GitHub, you’re good to go. If not, please follow this guide. While you type something into the editor, you’ll recognize many…

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