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Director How To Notifications

About This small thread accumulates some how to guides which gather around the topic off notifications in the director. Notification Guides Title Notification setup guide director The first guide is from an older threa…

3 January 6, 2020
Understanding (Windows PS) Plugins, Icinga2Agent and Director

Hi, I am currently taking my first steps in Icinga2 to understand the construct in its entirety and, if necessary, have it fully implemented/implemented in our company at a later date. Essential for this is a) the invol…

5 July 9, 2019
Director 101

Here are the prequesites for the Director Module: The Module itself can be found at the following location: Quick entry to the Documentation can be found here: Feature requests & Issues can be found here: :open_bo…

4 February 14, 2019
REST API and Automation

REST API The Director provides its own REST API where you can manage objects and start deployments. Please refer to the documentation and share your own findings here. Automation For full automation tasks, the Director…

2 January 11, 2019
Icinga Director in distributed environments

Please follow Icinga Web in distributed environments first. For deeper deployment questions, please refer to the following resources: https://icinga.com/docs/director/latest/doc/24-Working-with-agents/

2 January 11, 2019
Webinar Director Videos

Video Guides Due to the visual configuration it is easier to show configuration in director. We have several webinars from our beloved Webinars Team Most of these Webinars are in German language: (german) Connecting …

2 January 11, 2019
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