Icinga 2 Core

Notifications with Grafana graphs (4)

This nifty mail notification script will render Grafana graphs and additional details into your notifications. More details on Github.

Troubleshooting Icinga agents (2)

Resources Check the troubleshooting docs first to see if it already provides an answer. FAQ General Duplicate check results and strange thresholds This applies to agents run via command_endpoint, The Icinga daemon being…

REST API Overview (2)

Icinga 2’s REST API is used to manage the core application and retrieve details about the objects state. This API is intended for programmatic usage. Documentation The documentation covers everything you need, including…

Migration from Icinga 1.x/Nagios (2)

The Icinga 2 configuration DSL is different to the old 1.x format. The differences are explained in the documentation which also show that a scripted 1:1 conversion is not possible. With using apply rules and more goodi…

Configuration DSL Examples (2)

Please add specific examples, snippets, code, etc. here. Global Calculations https://monitoring-portal.org/t/problems-with-function/354/5 apply for Nested apply for: https://monitoring-portal.org/t/nested-apply-servi…

Troubleshooting, Debugging, Development & Technical Concepts (2)

Troubleshooting Please check the FAQ and the official documentation for troubleshooting hints. Debugging & Development The Icinga documentation provides all insights and requirements for contributing your own patches, a…

Literature (2)

Icinga 2 Book The german version can be obtained here: The authors are working on a translation to english.

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