Share your Icinga Environment (2)

Dear all, we use Icinga and its integrations in many different ways, and we love to hear more about it in your Icinga Camp/Meetup talks. Since we as the people behind Icinga also know that not everyone can do so, we’d l…

Product & Development Updates (2)

There’s lots of things going on in the Icinga ecosystem, from fixing bugs, adding features to designing and implementing new products. In order to stay uptodate, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog an…

Support: Taking care together (2)

We all love to help each other, and provide the best answer there is. This is why we’ve built this platform to make it even more easy. Sometimes this isn’t enough though. Enterprise Support Some problems are hard to de…

Trainings: Hands-on with Icinga (2)

Icinga sometimes isn’t easy and discussions in the online world are tough. Why not look for a professional class teaching a group about the basics and advanced topics with Icinga? That’s why we’ve created our official t…

Icinga Meetups (2)

Meetup Groups Berlin Meetup Germany South West Meetup Salzburg <yours> Please edit and add your meetup group here. Your own meetup Start your own Icinga meetup in your city! :slight_smile: Navigate to https://www.mee…

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Icinga Meetup Salzburg, 4.4.2019 @ (1)
OSMC 2019, 4-7.11.2019 @ Nuremberg (1)
Icinga Tour 2019 (1)
Icinga Camp Berlin, 14.3.2019 @ Kalkscheune (1)
Icinga Meetup Salzburg, 1.2.2019 @ (1)
Icinga Meetup Berlin, 24.1.2019 @ SysEleven (1)